Replica Egyptian Cat, The British Museum Shop. c 2016 AD
Cats and the internet
This replica of Ancient Egyptian cat godess Bastet illustrate that the Internet is not the only facet of civilisation which has been engrossed by cats. The Ancient Egyptians held cats in such high regard that they were honoured as gods.

Many theories have been presented as to why cats have become of such disproportionally symbolic interest for humanity. Such theories range from simple cuteness to an ethereal elegance and majesty of posture, a proven means of making us feel happier, a direct reminder of what it is to exhibit unselfconsciousness in an age of mass surveillance, a self-fulfilling prophecy (we share pictures and videos of cats because we know others will like them and hence more and more pictures and videos of cats are shared), and the fact that cats represent a perfect blank canvas for our human emotional projections onto them.

We might never know why cats were so symbolic to both the Ancient Egyptians and the Internet, it is probably just a part of the illogical logic that makes us human.