Bronze Finger Ring, Persian Empire. 5th-4th century BC
A wearable technology
Finger rings like this one became highly fashionable throughout the Ancient Persian Empire from around the 5th century BC. They gradually came to replace stamp-seals as a means of confirming signature on documents. We often regard the term 'wearable technology' as a very recent technological developement but in actuality, like most technological trends, it is drawing from a long tide of technological advances.

This ring might lead us to question fashion's relationship to technology, where 'fashion' is defined as a growth in common consensus or adoption, alongside our need to visually externalise our internal identities in garments and accessories. When read through a new narrative this ring might very eloquently exemplify the habit of technology's continual tendency to conduct a complete metamorphosis from one physical or nonphysical state to another. In this case from stamp-seals to bronze finger rings.